Domestic/Private CCTV Installations


CCTV will help in identifying any persons entering onto your property who have no reason to be there whether you are at home or not -24/7 monitoring security. Doesn't have to be to prevent crime but you may wish to monitor who is doing what on your property whilst you are there or not.

Based on what you require we are able to design & install a CCTV system that is to your approval upon receiving your instructions. The benefits of good security far outweigh the cost long term, regardless of the size of your property, The number of items that have been stolen from right under our customers door step because criminals will first look to see what security is in place prior to committing the offence, Even one operating camera can eliminate you being a victim.

Installation / servicing
  • Installation of new CCTV systems.
  • Covert CCTV cameras internal or external.
  • Servicing of existing CCTV systems.
  • CCTV Cameras repositioned.
  • CCTV camera upgrades.
  • DVR recorders from 500GB to 2TB.
  • Additional CCTV Cameras installed.
  • Discreet CCTV camera or low visual CCTV camera installation installation.
  • Day Night vision CCTV cameras.
  • PTZ Camera installation on new CCTV installation.
  • Monitoring of your cameras via your internet enable smart phone,Tablet PC,desktop PC or laptop from anywhere in the world.
  • internet connection at both sites is required and may require a fixed IP address at the monitored site that can be purchased from your ISP.